a word about the collection…

Poetry has been saving my life in one way or another since I was a young girl growing up in Tennessee. I believe that we are empowered to move forward in life when we have expressed our deepest and sometimes darkest feelings with a conscious intent toward evolving and moving in a positive direction. My poems are organized by categories (click on menu to your right to choose).

They are:
Fear and Hope
Grieving and Loss
Transition and Change
Organizational Change

The poems are all about loss and change of one kind or another, whether a personal intimate loss, or a more public, professional and organizational kind. I encourage you to read the words and take notice of any line or phrase that speaks to you. Therein may lie a secret to a feeling or sadness you have left unexpressed.

I will continue to add new (and old) work to this site, so if you want to receive updates click on the button to your right to “follow my blog”.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy and feel free to share.

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